Personal Training

I decided to find a personal trainer as I needed to address my lack of fitness, which had declined over the last few years. I was quite apprehensive about the whole process, but on meeting Jill my concerns proved to be totally unfounded. 

Jill is a fabulous personal trainer. She has given me the confidence to try and achieve my fitness goals, which are mainly body strengthening, and also to introduce some jogging. 

Jill is so cheerful and upbeat and always makes our sessions varied and lots of fun.She puts a lot of thought and planning into each session and they are clearly tailored to my needs and abilities. Her attention to detail and ensuring ‘correct form’ for each exercise is spot on. 

Jill is so encouraging, patient and reassuring and is very aware to how I am feeling and coping with the session. 

I would definitely recommend Jill as a personal trainer.

Shona Bond, 61, Edinburgh

Personal Training

Jill's confidence in me has made a massive difference this year and I have achieved my highest position in the senior 2021 SHR championships (19th) and 4th in the highly competitive MV50 class.

She used her experience in downhill and her sessions in this area have given me a lot of confidence and stronger downhill. Her pacing sessions made me feel like an advanced runner and her coaching has given me new race tactics that mean I have been taking control of the races.  

With Jill's enthusiasm she can get the best out of me in her classes (including strength, conditioning, and balance). I feel a stronger athlete and able to keep to my very consistent training plan.

I am looking forward to continuing to advance as a runner in the XC season and with Jill's help I will target the XC Masters early 2022!  

Neil McLure, Dalgety Bay

Personal Training

Consistent weekly training with Jill over the last year has helped me become fitter and faster. She keeps me and my running buddy focused and on task - but her lively and positive character means that we also have loads of fun. She has exactly the right supportive approach for me as an FV60 who is new to competing; inspiring me to have a new belief in my ability to improve my strength and fitness, enter events and chase PBs that would otherwise have seemed out of my reach. 

Shelia MacAlister, Edinburgh

I am not a natural runner, I only started running in my late 50s with ‘couch to 5k’ 
Having signed up for the Tiree 10k, my friend sheila and I started weekly training sessions with Jill. She kept us motivated with fun, focused workouts on the Meadows. There’s no way I would choose to sprint or run up hills, but with Jill’s encouragement we have done both and enjoyed the challenge. Tiree is ticked off now but we plan to keep training with Jill to be ready for our next venture. 

Rhona Grieve, Edinburgh

Personal Training

Just under a year ago, Jill and I sat down together to talk about my hill running goals and begin making a plan for how to achieve them. I knew I wanted to do the Glencoe Skyline, and Jill encouraged me to try for a Tranter as well. I thought the Tranter was way beyond my ability, but we started with a simple training plan that felt achievable. Jill encouraged and challenged me, pushing me through the lows of winter and tiredness and launching me toward an amazing summer. In June I finished the Tranter in 16:43 and on Sunday I placed 3rd in the Glencoe Skyline with a time of 11:06:49. Thanks Jill!!

Cat Magill, Edinburgh.



Group Sessions

I’m a runner who has been attending Jill’s classes for leg, core-strength and mobility for a few weeks now.  I formerly carried out my own weight’s sessions in the gym, but since starting Jill’s classes I certainly feel more robust, and that her sessions are more relevant to my running goals.  She certainly knows her stuff, and can adjust any exercise to dial down, or ramp up the pain, whatever it is you want!  

She also likes to have a laugh with the group while dishing out the pain ;-).  

I happily recommend her sessions. 

Andy Macrae, Edinburgh


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