Older Adults

Fitness as part of a healthy life

Fitness Tune-Up

Keeping on top of fitness and motivation can be challenging. Here at Ascent Fitness we can support you. 

Whether you're aiming to start from scratch, improve in your sport or just need some exercise inspiration we can help design fun and accessible session to get you out the door.

Group Fitness - Walk and Talk

These 90 minute sessions have 30 minutes of guided exercises, followed by a walk round some of Edinburgh's leafy green spaces. 

The best fitness regime is the one you keep up - and walking with friends is a great way to fix a routine. 

We will often end our walks nearby a coffee shop or a café.  

Strength and Flexibility

Maintaining strength and flexibility are key to being able to keep doing the things you love as you get older.  Our strength and conditioning classes focus on strengthening a range of muscle groups as well as maintaining good mobility and balance.


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