Group Sessions

Classes for all abilities

Group Strength and Conditioning Sessions

New Location for Winter!

We run two classes a week at the St Catherine's of Argyle Church hall on Grange road, Edinburgh:

  • Monday's class is focused on building leg strength, core strength and power
  • Friday's class concentrates on mobility, core and balance - getting your muscles ready for your weekends activities!

Classes start at 7:00am. Get in touch if you want to join.

£6 per class
£30 for a block of 6 classes 

Online Strength and Conditioning Sessions

We run a weekly online class every Tuesday

  • The class is focused on building running specific leg strength, core strength and power as well as having an element of balance to the exercises.

Classes start at 7:00am 

£6 per class
£30 for a block of 6 classes 

Women Run Strong

Ascent Fitness supports and runs weekly classes for the Women Run Strong group in Edinburgh.

Friendly one hour classes for ladies of all abilities, based at the Hermitage, EH10 6JF.

Check out our friends at Women Run Strong For more Information.

Corporate Packages

The benefits of exercise, and in particular, outdoor exercise, have been proven to have a significant positive impact on workplace wellbeing and productivity. 

In specialising in outdoor exercise, Ascent Fitness have a range of options with which we can support your workforce. Be it a regular class, or assisting a team to prepare for a race, challenge or charity event, we can help.  

  • We run strength and conditioning classes focused on helping to ease the aches and pains brought on by sitting for long hours. These can be a great way to start the day
  • Having experienced competition at all levels, and as a firm supporter of the Highland Cross, we know how to prepare for a challenge or charity event. Regular, or one off classes paired with a tailored training plan, can be provided to ensure your team are ready for race day
  • Guided lunchtime runs or classes which can be adjusted to all levels, and focused on increasing participation
  • We support existing running and jogging groups via personal training classes, or 8-week session plans
  • Online group classes

We are fully insured, and can accommodate class sizes up to 30. 


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